Unidentified Dolphin Species Gets Stuck At Willards Beach

After a drastic turn in weather today a very peculiar looking dolphin was spotted washed up on the rocks by Al Pescatore and Hops on Willards Beach this afternoon 20 Feb.

People are saying that with the bad weather the dolphin must have been separated from its pod and became disorientated badly injuring itself on the rocks. As you can see by the photo this is not your average looking dolphin so after some research finding out what type of ‘dolphin’ it was, it showed some remarkable resemblance towards a Pygmy Killer Whale, which are known for being aggressive and for fighting with other species of dolphins – so maybe the little guy was caught in a battle and came out second best? What is more remarkable (if our predictions are correct) is this half dolphin/ half killer whale is very rarely seen anymore in S.A!

Which makes it even more sad to note that after a valiant three hour fight by members of Specialized Rescue and the public to save the dolphins life, it unfortunately had to be euthanized by vetenerians of Sea World as it was too stressed to handle the drive to Sea World Ushaka in Durban. The rescue team did try to move it to the tidal pools in hopes that it would be able to swim but due to the severity of its injuries and stress levels they were unsuccessful.

Barry Bowditch was on the scene and snapped a photo of the team trying to help the little guy.


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