iLembe District Municipality established the open farms concept which involves supporting community-based co-operatives to establish viable agricultural gardens which produce vegetables such as cabbage, butternut, potatoes, onions, etc. for both community needs and for sale in the market. The aim is to assist existing small scale farmers to shift away […]

3rd March 2011 | The iLembe Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism held its official launch last night at Ballito’s Hotel Izulu. The launch can only be called a raging success as businesses arrived from all over the iLembe district to support the launch of their own chamber. The event […]

1st March 2011 | I got the following email yesterday and after reading it twice it got me wondering. I really wondered if anyone in the Woolworths team proofed the email before it went out to all their supposed “important customers”. I mean if we really were that important surely […]

15th December 2010 | A helicopter, which is part of a national security enforcement drive, crashed just outside Leguna Seca Industrial Park in Ballito. The details related to the crash are still emerging and service staff on scene have been instructed not to discuss details with the media and capturing […]

Since our launch two months ago, Ballito News Online has seen an amazing number of people from all over visit our site. We have posted almost 70 news articles, had close on 3,000 people visit the site and had an unbelievable 7,000 pages viewed, all of which means Ballito is […]

2nd December 2010 | With the world cup behind us, much of the hype surrounding the human trafficking has died down. But that does not make the danger any less real or a reality that we are facing. Human trafficking is not something that happens only to underprivileged people who […]