Oh, HEY Callie-Anne!

Callie-Anne Gavazzi, best known for her TV show, Callie-Anne Cooks Into the Wild, adds new flavour to her online presence with the launch of an interactive new website and YouTube channel: CallieAnneCooksOnline, which she describes as “A look into my foodie filled world”.

Callie-Anne is a bubbly, confident chef who first found fame on MasterChef SA, where she reached the top 25. With the launch of her delicious cooking show, Callie-Anne has cooked her way into the hearts of the world. We introduced her in the October edition of The Ballito.


For Callie-Anne, the online presence is to ‘share lots of sneek peeks and video vibes for all to sip and munch.’

For foodie aficionados who want to create dishes with African flair, the new website www.callie-annecooks.com showcases mouthwatering recipes and simple “how-to” videos from Callie’s local adventures.

Callie-Anne’s cooking style is much like her personality: vibrant and flavourful. Fans of Callie’s TV show will find recipes and step-by-step cooking instructions for their favourite dishes on www.callie-annecooks.com and can also submit cooking questions to Callie-Anne to be answered.


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