Never lose your proof of purchase again – try MySlips

With Christmas holidays just around the corner you can be certain that South Africans are going to head to the shops to spoil themselves with the latest gadgets, fashion, clothing and toys. Its how we’ve been doing it for generations and there’s nothing wrong with it, well almost nothing. The dreaded lost receipt is part of the holiday recipe and apart from too much sun, is one of the most painful post-holiday experiences.

South Africans are not great at keeping their receipts, that’s a fact. With a false sense of security many shoppers believe that the Consumer Protection Act will protect them this year but that is not the case and not having a copy of your receipt could end up in goods not being returned or replaced. Even worse, consumers could find themselves with a repair bill after the holidays are over and budgets have been stretched.

South African software company, MySlips, has been working on a simple yet effective solution to this problem for almost a year. MySlips have developed a simple to use cloud based solution that allows shoppers to store a copy of their receipt safely and securely in a MySlips ‘wallet’ which is always easily accessible. With a ‘one step’ entry process, either email or upload, MySlips ensures consumers no longer lose money by offering the ability to quickly, simply retrieve their important receipts and till slips when they need them – even via their cell phones.

The MySlips solution will have over 22,000 users by the end of the year and the company believes that this holiday season is the perfect time of year for shoppers to sign up and save themselves money while reducing the risk of frustration and stress. Commercial Director, Stan Shaw, believes the pricing is perfectly positioned at only R48.00 a year, and the app delivers significantly more value than the annual subscription once a user starts using the warranty management and vehicle modules of the product.

When one considers the price of electronic goods, appliances and even sporting equipment that will be bought this year, the MySlips subscription dwarfs in comparison and is less than 0.5% of what shoppers will spend these holidays alone.

Shoppers can register an account at or and MySlips offers a 100% money back guarantee if a user is not happy with the solution in the first 3 months

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