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For the past two years iGenius (previously known as has been the go to website to get up to date news about Apple products in South Africa. Editor and owner Michael Robert has been an avid Apple fan for over 10 years and since starting the news website dedicated to Apple in South Africa, he has gained a great deal of knowledge about the company Apple and their products.

Since inception, iGenius has provided support to many satisfied Apple users around the country through it’s website. iGenius is now branching out to face to face support, and is offering Apple support in Ballito, Umghlanga, Durban and  surrounding areas. The great thing about iGenius is that you can go to them for all your Apple problems, whether it be software support, hardware support or repairs to iPhones and iPads, iGenius are the number one company to contact when needing that help.

The greatest thing iGenius has to offer is it’s training service. Michael has a strong background, not only in Apple but in teaching people in all areas of life. With all his experience Michael is able to simply explain Apple computers and smart devices in an easy and profound way. Michael wants to empower people on their Apple products to ensure you get the best use of your device because knowing what Apple products are capable of will open a whole new world to its users. iGenius is dedicated to teach you how to get the most out of your Apple device, with one on one training and ongoing support for as long as you need it.

If you are unsure how to use any of your Apple products, contact iGenius today and they will make sure you become an Apple Genius.

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