How does Human trafficking affect your world?


2nd December 2010 | With the world cup behind us, much of the hype surrounding the human trafficking has died down. But that does not make the danger any less real or a reality that we are facing.

Human trafficking is not something that happens only to underprivileged people who live in places that we can’t pronounce. Human trafficking affects your life more than you realise. Everyday there are young girls in our community who are frightened by people who take their picture at a mall or follow them around a shopping centre. Every day mothers realize that it only take a moment for your child to be lead away from you holding the hand of a stranger.

In every moment of every day, somewhere in South Africa, a women or child becomes a survivor. The start of December marks the start of the 16 day campaign against violence directed at women and children, so it rather fitting that the United Nations has declared December 2nd International Day for the Abolition of Slavery and Red Light Anti Human Trafficking encourage South Africa to declare it too . In 2007 the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the legal abolition of slavery. But in many parts of the world today, women and children are still being trafficked into slavery.

Red Light Anti Human Trafficking has decided to decided to use this day to make people aware of how much human trafficking affects our everyday lives. Did you know that every year up to 200 000 children are kept on cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast and Ghana? The major chocolate companies buy the raw products of the world trade markets where chocolate from the Ivory Coast and Ghana make up approximately 50% raw product available to make chocolate. And it’s not just chocolate. There are people in slavery all over the world. The US Department of Health and services estimates that 42% of the more or less seventeen thousand people trafficked into the United States each year are forced to work in factories, on farms or as domestic labour.

Red Light Anti Human trafficking would like to encourage you to do your bit to create awareness on Human Trafficking. Ourwebsite is full of information that you can use to do some research and we would love to see your comments on our Facebook page or tweet us as well as email us your pictures of you making a stand. We are going to show the world that South Africa cares by loading what we get from the public onto our website. So make a stand and use your voice and the information you find. Whatever you do though, make sure you let those around you know about it!

4 thoughts on “How does Human trafficking affect your world?

  1. In 2000 it was estimated that 28 000 – 30 000 children were being prostituted in South Africa. This was almost 11 years ago and without a legislation against Human Trafficking in South Africa the statistics are only going to climb at an alarming rate.

    South Africa has signed the TRAFFICKING VICTIM PROTECTION ACT along with 117 other countries but have failed to meet the minimum standards… Maybe the citizens of South Africa should make a noise and let Gvernment know that we expect government to act in accordance with the acts standards and not just to a minimum degree.

    God Bless you all and remember that Prevention is better then cure. We have a role to play in the abolition of Modern Day Slavery, make sure you start with yourself and those around you. Through awarness we will beat this evil!

  2. Thank you Redlight for making us aware of what is going on in Human Trafficking and for being a voice for those that are suffering through it. Some times what we do can seem so little when there is this huge mountain in front of us, but we have a God that moves mountains. We will keep praying for this.Our enemies are His enemies, He goes before us in the fight. May the Lord bless you and multiply everything that you guys are doing. God bless Wendy

  3. All needs to come into the light continually and it is encouraging when a public news carrier is prepared to speak the truth. When things come into the open breakthrough can come…through prayer and obedience to God in taking action in line with His WORD. His word is LIFE. We all have a duty to look after our own and others as well. The bible teaches though that the battle is A) God’s and B) not of flesh and blood. We need to humble ourselves and seek His intervention and love one another enough to go the extra mile and things WILL change. Bless you as you open up many other huge cans of worms and make people aware of what’s really going on in the world at large and right on our own doorstep. Huma trafficking definitely does effect OUR world…like it or not and we will all be held accountable one day for our actions or lack thereof.

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