There are many repetitve processes which one employs in everyday business, all focused on the ultimate goal, reducing inefficiencies and contributing to increased profit . To achieve this one needs to provide consistent value to all stakeholders; customers, employees, management and suppliers.

A business is dependent on these processes and how they are managed. A process model based on utilising skilled or diligent staff is not always sustainable as such people are in short supply. Skilled staff are also expensive thus raising the price of your product or service. When lower level staff are employed, tasks are not always concluded correctly.

SME Workflow is an efficiency tool that assists a business in achieving this goal at a minimum cost. SME Workflow keeps ll stake holders informed of delays in processes, ensures timely confirmations or conclusions and advises when issues are not being managed.

Workflow is made up of a series of tasks. These tasks have user managed rules and attributes that define their purpose and function.Over the past two years Retail Plus Consultancy partnered with ClearCode, a local software development house that specializes in web enabled applications, to produce SME Workflow. This internet based product is highly configurable, rapidly deployed and most important, cost effective

SME Workflow as the name suggests is a workflow tool targeting small to medium sized enterprises. Internet hosting, (in the cloud) ensures low cost and minimum support overhead. It is highly configurable allowing flexibility and is easy to use.

Experience has helped us to develop a process that fast tracks the deployment of the workflow. It entails the designing of the task sequences by our System Administrator; this negates your need for experienced IT staff. If needed we will derive a workflow to satisfy your specific needs.

We also have a library of predefined workflows that obviates the cost of creating new projects. You are able to create and manipulate the assignees, timelines, escalations, reminders, task content and document generation. This process is not only cost effective, it ensures control and consistency.