Ballito Surfing

Boulder Bay

This spot is great for barrelling surf but is not always surfable as the swell needs to be large and clean


The take-off is on Lemon Fish Reef and as a result the wave jacks before running along a sand bank in from the rocks. This spot is spectator friendly as you can stand on the rocks as the surfers scream past in the barrel


This is where bathers and bodyboarders unite. Surfing is only allowed when the lifesavers are not on duty.


This area is used for contests and is the most opular venue for surfing. There are numerous rocky patches in the foreshore, which affect the sand banks. It is predominantly a right-hand break but with peaks and left-handers, depending on the tides and swell direction.


This is probably the area best and most well-known spot. When the winter swells move up the coast, Sunrise produces an intense super suck take off. The deeper you take off, the deeper and more intense the barrel. This is the most protected spot when the South West winds blow.

Sourced from the Fast Finder