Ballito Beaches

Willard Beach

Willard Beach is considered to be Ballito’s main beach. The beach has been granted Blue Flag Status – a status only given to beaches that are clean, safe and environmentally sound. Willard Beach provides safe swimming with qualified lifeguards seven days a week, and is protected by shark nets. It also has a fully equipped first aid station.

The beach also offers the right type of conditions for both surfing and body boarding. Competitions are held on a regular basis to showcase the best surfers and body boarders in the country.

Clarke Bay

Clarke Bay is yet another beach in Ballito that is manned by lifeguards and protected by shark nets to ensure a high level of safety and worry-free fun in the sun. Just south of Clarke Bay is the Ballito tidal pool, where many visitors, big and small, prefer to swim. The tidal pool is well maintained and some interesting sea life can be found in the pool.

Salmon Bay

Further South is Salmon Bay, which is a designated launch area for watercraft. Salmon Bay is another beach that is popular among surfers. The Ballito Inflatable Boat clubhouse is also located here.

As can be seen by the photographs in the gallery, these unspoilt beaches are a great place to enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Thompson’s Bay

Thompson’s Bay can be found just north of Ballito. This extremely popular beach has both qualified lifeguards and shark nets to ensure the safety of the swimmers. Also found at Thompson’s Bay is Charlie’s Pool, a large tidal pool providing safe swimming conditions for both young and old alike. Give the kids a net and let them go explore!

Zimbali Beach

Zimbali Beach is located within the Zimbali Beach Estate. The 3km of unspoilt beach offer beach goers the contrasting beauty of the rich green forest of the estate and the warm blue Indian Ocean.

Westbrook Beach

Westbrook Beach is ideal for walking, sunbathing, swimming, fishing and has lovely rock pools to explore. The beach has qualified lifeguards on duty and is protected by shark nets.

Shaka’s Rock, Salt Rock, Sheffield Beach and Zinkwazi

Shaka’s Rock, Salt Rock and Sheffield Beach all offer bathing, surfing, rock pools, snorkelling and boat launch sites and are a good choice if you are looking to avoid the crowds. Sheffield Beach is a hot spot for spear fishing and scuba diving. At Salt Rock, access to the beach is through private farms only.

Further up the N2, north of Ballito, is Zinkwazi Beach. This is a breathtakingly beautiful beach with wide expanses of golden sand, lush tropical vegetation, large dunes and exhilarating waves. Zinkwazi is also an excellent fishing and diving spot and is well worth the short trip north.