One of the best LinkedIn extensions – it’s brilliant

It’s a known fact that “like for like” or “follow for follow” strategies have helped build some of social medias largest accounts. The practice is widely used on Instagram with apps like “Followers” that help you track who has followed you and unfollowed you, allowing you to grow your status through mutual connection. So what about LinkedIn?

While very few admit it, the idea of connecting through seeing who’s looked at your profile and connecting with them, is how to grow an uber large, super powerful LinkedIn profile….but….it’s all been pretty tedious and manual until now.

Along comes – a tool that supports the idea that people will visit your LinkedIn profile if you first visit theirs and fixes the problem that it can take a lot of time to visit hundreds of profiles, especially if you are only interested in those that appear to be qualified prospects. eLink Pro allows this process can be automated….brilliant! It has a great feature that allows automatic visits of 800 profiles per day (LinkedIn has a daily limit of 1000 and the guys at eLink Pro are careful not to mess with it) While there is no guarantee that these people visit your profile or reach out and connect the team at eLink Pro tell us there’s a good chance that 10%-15% will do so which means at around 80+ people will check you out every day. Some will become connections and some may even qualify as a lead and depending on your industry you can see the potential saving on acquisition cost of leads.

It’s a simple concept that works and takes the drudge work out of LinkedIn the same way other tools do for Facebook and Instagram.

Check it out at definitely work registering for the free demo – no catches with credit cards and stuff.

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