Now…what do I do with my life?


Each of us has a favourite television programme. (If you just shook your head or wrinkled your nose in disbelief…you’re lying.) Look, it doesn’t even matter what it is: could be a soapie, a doccie, series or even a – gag – car show. Nobody is judging you. Here, I’ll help you out: my addiction is ABC political thriller Scandal, known in South Africa as The Fixer. Abroad, it’s got an absolute cult following and after a few episodes, I can see why! Intrigue, love triangles (more like spider webs, actually) drama, deceit and shock.

This is Love (Glow TV), Hawaii 5-0, The Originals, How I Met Your Mother, Life and Big Bang Theory are some of the favourites around the FabMags office…and that was just the girls! While these shows differ in contact and format, there is one thing that absolutely kills me about all of them: two words, one heartbreak: Production. Break.

Yes. The dreaded PB.

Since the shows are predominantly filmed in America, we are automatically on a slight delay…which I mind not. What I mind, is when they have the audacity to go on a blooming production break when I am busy getting utterly hooked on the love triangle between President Fitzgerald Grant, First Lady Mellie Grant and (my hero) crisis manager ‘fixer’ Olivia Pope. I mean, apart from my irrepressible crush on the suave president (hello, Fitz!) I have to ogle Olivia’s jaw-dropping wardrobe every episode.


So Scandal has been on a production break for the past few weeks and I have been D-Y-I-N-G! I’m honestly wondering what to do with my life now that I can’t visit the White House every week. Whether you’re addicted to Scandal, like me (I know I’m not alone) or one of the other girls’ picks…you will endure production break and you will feel like you’re losing your mind. I’ve got your back; never fear. Here is a list of things to do while your lifeline is on production break:

  1. Catch up on NORMAL viewing

What’s that, you say? What is this ‘normal’ I speak of? The news. You know, the slot every night at 7pm when they let us know what’s going on in the world? That. Try it.

2. Speak to your fellow humans

Yes…those people you live with? The ones you randomly pass in the hallway as you stagger from the television screen, all bleary-eyed and zombie-like? Say hello. Smile. Hug them. They’ll like it.

3. Take up a hobby

Knitting. Cooking. Singing. Anything that doesn’t involve a television remote and stained pajamas. Take a walk in your garden. You’d be surprised to find what’s there.

4. Go out for dinner 

Out. As in, put shoes on, comb your hair and leave the house. Go to a place that does not serve food in the cartons you snack on while you’re binge-watching, and sit down to dinner.

5. Stay strong

I know. I know. It’s hard. Keep the faith. Your favourite show will be back soon enough.

…until Scandal comes back, I’ll console myself with gut-wrenching scenes like this one:

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