Dear Mum and Dad

Helen Hayes once said: ‘From your parents, you learn love and laughter, and how to put one foot before the other.’

How beautifully true are those words. But it isn’t just love, laughter and the ability to walk that we gain from our parents. From the day we are born, they dedicate their entire lives to us: raising us, nurturing us, teaching us, molding us and shaping us into well-rounded adults.

How many of us actually stop to thank our parents for the countless sacrifices they make to put us ahead in life? Or, even for the little things they did all through our ‘growing up years’? Like making your cereal in the morning. Making sure your homework is done. Letting you have that sweetie. Allowing you to stay up after bedtime ‘just this once’ to watch that movie. Even after our parents are gone, they occupy a special nook in our hearts filled with fuzzy memories of their love and, at times, discipline.

Well, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is always a great time to shout out about how awesome your parents are, and let them know how much they mean to you. The team at FabMags wants to add something special to your gesture: all you have to do is complete the following steps, and we could publish your message to your parent in the June July issue of The Ballito Magazine. 

Step One: Write a short message for your Mum or Dad.

Step Two: Email your message, along with a high resolution photograph of you and your Mum, or you and your Dad, to with ‘The Ballito Magazine – Father’s Day Feature’ or ‘The Ballito Magazine – Mother’s Day Feature’

Step Three: All done!

A few things to bear in mind:

  • Your message must be kept between 15 and 20 words.
  • Your photograph need not be professionally taken, but must be high resolution i.e. in its original size. Optimal size is larger than 2MB.
  • Please include your contact details in your email, so we may contact you if necessary.
  • Please send your image as an attachment, and not in the body of the email.

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