The Best Trampoline Park on the Coast

Walking into a warehouse completely packed with connected trampolines is, in itself, quite a rush. Looking out over wall to wall springs and taut polypropylene with padding you can expect to feel the same giddy thrill you felt the first time you stepped foot inside a massive Toys R Us – a sense of boundless possibility, intense urgency and bottomless excitement! That’s what you’ll find at The Jump Park at Sugar Rush Park in Ballito.

Taking a walk through the park, which comprises loads of connected trampolines and officially opened in January 2016, it’s clear that a tons of work has gone into putting it all together. There’s a trampoline dodgeball court, basketball nets at the ends of trampolines for extravagant dunking  and the creme de la creme — a gigantic court of angled trampolines to literally bounce off the walls.

The trampoline park is impressive and will appeal to everyone – yes, from the really little ones to gramps – and what’s impressive about this place is that they allow you to book jump park birthday parties! The kids are going to go boggy having their birthday parties there and parents will love it – it’s the perfect place to feed the tots with sugar and literally have them bounce off the walls!

Safety is Key

Before you’re allowed to bounce there are waivers to sign plus some special socks that you need to wear both for hygiene and grip purposes. There is also a team of staff all around the park helping kids and making sure everyone is super duper safe. The padding and foam pits also make for softer landings if you’re a little off balance – but that doesn’t really happen…it’s just bounce after bounce after bounce.

This really is a place you need to visit. Almost bucket list status….ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme but if you’ve never seen one of these places you’ll be blown away and The Jump Park in Ballito is just awesome. Simple, now check out their website and bounce on over to them.


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