I’ll do it…tomorrow

‘Should I do it now? No, I still have time I’ll do it tomorrow.’ Well ‘tomorrow’ is not a day of the week, now is it?

Procrastinators put off things for ‘tomorrow’ just for the sake of it; procrastination makes easy things difficult and difficult things even more so, in my opinion.  It is true when they say procrastination is the thief of time.  Most of us have put some things on hold for no reason that end up costing us big time.

It is also true when they say ‘old habits die hard’ as this is most certainly a habit. If one gets infected, one finds it hard to get rid of.  It is one of the most unproductive habits to have, whether it’s at work or at school.  It is considered humankind’s worst enemy.  It almost always results in inevitable nail-biting or hair shredding, which all leads to mediocre, last minute work.

A procrastinator will always find an excuse not to do their work on time but it is usually caused by a few factors.  Most people procrastinate because they fear failure; they are afraid to be laughed at when they fail.  A person would delay a task that would have taken him/her only two minutes to do and choose to take a nap and save the task for tomorrow.

Procrastination is usually linked to laziness, like waking up in the morning three minutes before your bath time, then going back to sleep and saying “I still have three more minutes.” Knowing exactly that three minutes will turn into 30 minutes of sleep and after realising you really have to wake up, you ask yourself ‘do I really need this job?’ Oh yes you do because sleeping will not pay the bills or create a bright future for you.

John Perry, author of Art of Procrastination, says procrastination can be managed with right attitude and skills. He said “the key is not to pare down activities but to manage this  personality trait in a productive way. Recognise that you are an accomplished person who gets a lot done and give yourself permission not to strive for perfection in any given project, which can be an obstacle to simply getting it done at an acceptable level.”

…So stop procrastination.

Starting tomorrow.

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