Three reasons we LOVED Trevor Noah’s debut

Well…last night was the big night. Don’t even ask ‘what big night’ (what rock have you been under?)

Last night, OUR boy (yes, ours) Mister Trevor Noah made his scintillating debut as the host of multiple Emmy Award-winning The Daily Show.

The South African born comedian has long since been the darling of local television screens, with his side-splitting range of comedy shows, including It’s My Culture and the legendary Daywalker. Granted, many were chewing their manicured nails on Trevor’s behalf, worrying about how he would make the transition into the seat of Jon Stewart, who had hosted The Daily Show for several award winning seasons. Stewart left big shoes to fill…and, with the notoriously difficult American audience, some of us worried about how Trevor would fare. Well, he SLAYED!

Trevor was comfortable, effortlessly funny and at his quintessential best. Here are three (we could have more) reasons we LOVED Trevor’s debut:

  1. He is OURS: Born to an African mother and Swiss father, Trevor embraces his mixed race and is proud of it. To watch him on an international stage undoubtedly makes us proudly South African.
  2. He was HIMSELF: So often, when our South African artists and performers make the move overseas, they change their appearances (sometimes even their accents) to ‘fit in’ among Americans. Trevor did none of the above – how awesome was it to hear that accent on the air?
  3. He made us PROUD: It was reminiscent of Jonathan Butler on stage with Kirk Whalum…or the moment Charlize brought home the Oscar. To know that someone so amazing comes from our shores brings a lump to the throat, for real.

And so, for those who didn’t manage to catch Trevor’s amazing debut, steal a moment to watch it now:

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