Have your pizza…and eat it!

Piece by our FabMags Intern – Kwazi Dlamini (Third Year Journalism Student at the Durban University of Technology) 

A rapid increase in the number of restaurants and fast-food outlets in Ballito is alarming and has become a health hazard for the locals; they consume more fat, calories and carbohydrates than they burn.

Sticking to a strict, healthy diet is more difficult than one could imagine. Going a week without touching junk food is a milestone…even taking it with to the bathroom or tiptoeing to the kitchen in the middle of the night to have a piece of that fried chicken everyone was having for dinner!

Many have tried, including myself, and failed. The downfall, for most, is consistency: temptations like going out with friends for pizza or a snack are the main cause of recidivism and you can’t hold yourself…you end up having a bite. After that, all your fitness and stay healthy goals are diminished. Well don’t sweat it – you can do that in the gym!

Well, after trying to stick to my healthy diet and failing, I did some research on how I could  stay healthy without completely dumping junk food. I wanted a way that would be more possible for anyone who can’t live off the green stuff only.

I browsed through fitness trainers’ websites and one thing they had in common was “burn more calories than you consume”. YES, you can have that slice of pizza but be sure to burn more fats and calories by jogging or going to the gym.  Taking a walk on our beautiful promenade or spending 30 minutes on the treadmill will do.

Josef Rakich, who I’ve been chatting with for a while, is a ISSA certified personal trainer, fitness model & sponsored athlete voted #1 online personal trainer programs for males and females. He said “you can have your cookies or pizza but in small amounts and burn more calories in the morning or afternoon, depending on your exercise routine.”

This does not mean you can go on a junk food binge. Count the fat you consume – every product has the Typical Nutritional Information where the quantity of nutrients is written – and burn more than you have consumed.

You can burn 250-955 calories playing 30 minutes of soccer same as tennis while with rugby you can burn approximately 415 calories in 30 minutes.  Frisbee can help you burn 95 calories in 30 minutes.  Jogging will help you lose 319 calories in 30 minutes and NOTE that your weight is a major factor when burning calories, the bigger the weight, the more calories you burn.

The meal plan is available on Josef’s website or Josef Rakich Fitness on Facebook.

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  1. Bbygal

    09/09/2015 at 17:55

    Hmmmm dis is interesting n I think I should try it n hopefully it will work!! Keep up de good work Kwazi!! Tnx alot 4 the advise on staying healthy @ all tymz.

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