Happy Spring cleaning, y’all!

So, a HUGE whoop whoop and a yay for the first day of Spring! Already, the air around us seems heavy with the rains we just know are on their way (another whoop for the rains, then!) On the first day of Spring, it is traditional to give your life, your home and your office a bit of a shake up. Turf out the gloom, doom and dust of Winter and freshen up for the new season. Here are our top six tips for a good Spring clean:

  1. Have a Plan 

Make sure you know which rooms you want to clean up, or which areas of your office you would like to spruce up. Know exactly what you would like to achieve, draw up a list and stick to it.

2. Check the Windows 

Take down curtains and pop them in the washing machine. Remove your blinds from the windows and give them a proper wipe down. While you’re at it, wipe the window sills and frames. Vacuum nooks and crannies and wash the windows until they’re sparkling.

3. Flip It 

Go from room to room, turning your mattresses over. Take the linen off and allow the mattresses to air for at least a day before you re-make them.

4. Sparkling Stove 

Handy Andy, a good rag and patience. Clean up all the food spills and once you’re done, turn the stove on very low to slide the dirt away.

5. Defrost and Clean the Fridge 

Check every item’s expiry date and throw out what’s dangerous (you know it’s hiding in there). Also defrost the fridge, starting afresh for the new season.

6. Clean out the Closet 

Pack away your winter trench coats, boots and thermal socks. Sort out the lighter clothing and throw out what you haven’t worn in a while.


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