Water Shedding hits Ballito

Piece by our resident intern, Roxanne Daniels 🙂

We walked into our FabMags offices after a morning in the sun, ready to go to the loo and have a sip of water. Alas, this was not to be. I’m sure many of you can relate. The water went off yesterday and was part of the first unplanned interruptions to water supply done by Sembcorp Siza Water. Umgeni has ordered restrictions to the water companies including Siza and Siza is under pressure to implement them. Khosi Mathenjwa of Siza Water confirmed that since December adverts have been published, informing the public of Illembe District that there will be unplanned and unscheduled water interruptions i.e. water shedding.

Mathenjwa noted that there will only be certain zones off at one time, so there will be parts of the district supplied with water when others are cut off. The supply in the dam is down to 29% which is about 55 days of reserve and Siza will continue water interruptions until they are happy with the amount of water in the reserve. No time scale can be given for how long interruptions will last as it is largely dependent on rain. “We need to conserve what is left, we are very sorry that this means water will be restricted, but it has to be done” Mathenjwa explained.

She also explained that the outages cannot be staggered throughout the day because of the work involved with switching each zone on and off.

Each interruption could last from four to six hours.

See our Facebook page for the schedule.

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