Slimline: “Too Cool for the Pool” 2015 competition

It is indeed very much like Survivor; contestants must outwit outplay and outlast each other in a bid to win the ultimate prize…except it is all happening in the water.

Slimline Pools Ballito ran their second annual pool competition at the Ballito Junction last weekend, starting at midday on Friday 26 June 2015 and lasting an entire three days. In what is a challenge for only the bravest and most daring, 15 randomly-selected entries were chosen to compete against each other with the hopes of winning the very sophisticated fibreglass pre-formed swimming pool (including all relevant fittings). Contestants were continuously put to the test with various challenges throughout the weekend. Endurance, strength-of-mind and complete perseverance were the order of the day as they rallied it out and completed different stages in order to stay in the competition.

Kerry Niewoudt of Slimline says that the competition’s overwhelming popularity necessitated that a second run be held this year. She shares that besides the obvious advantage of such a competition being the great exposure and the positioning of Slimline Pools on the map (which only opened its Ballito branch in 2013), this is also a great way to draw in crowds and pull the community together. “There was a huge return this year, and the turn-out together with the support was bigger than first imagined”, says Niewoudt.

This year Nicole ‘Niccy’ Westoby proved to be the “ultimate survivor”, lasting a gruelling 55hours in the pool. Interestingly enough this is the same amount of time 2014 winner Tammy Colley achieved. Westoby had no easy time in the water, as strong contenders fought bravely until the very end. Daniel Van Wyngaardt, Inéz Richter and Barry Chapman were also in it to win it, all rounding up the top four spots.


Bernice Glenny, who placed 9th overall, comments that for her this was an absolutely “incredible experience”. As a first-time participant who had been in the process of collecting quotes for a pool in her home for some time, Slimline provided a wonderful opportunity for her to try something different and get involved in what she says has resulted in her making awesome new friends. “It was about more than just winning the pool; it was about meeting new people and forming new bonds”. Trenley Tilbrook describes it as one of the best weekends of his life. He agrees with Glenny that this year featured an amazing group of people. The general sentiment is that the event was yet another success, and that a lovely sense of camaraderie and fellowship has been harvested.

Niewoudt took the time to make a special mention of the nearly 40 sponsors who got involved, including Spur, Mamma G’s and Piccadeli’s Café. She looks forward to another triumphant event next year.

Congratulations to all the participants, and especially Westoby for her victory. As we look forward to another round of swimming pool mania and madness, ask yourself whether you could stand as ‘too cool for the pool’ with Slimline in 2016.

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