Serco ‘steps up’ to meet the volume challenge

30 June 2015

Serco was recently challenged when they received an order for specially-designed trailers to accommodate maximum volumetric capacity. The client wanted dry freight vehicles which could carry lightweight products cost effectively.

The team got down to it and started work on what they’re really good at – tailor making vehicles according to customers’ specifications.

In the end the client got exactly what they needed – four new ‘step-decked’ trailers with double axles and a carrying capacity of 123m3 of volume and 13 tons payload versus the standard of 106m3, and two interlink trailers designed with ‘well decks’ and a carrying capacity of 138m3 and 32 tons compared to the standard of 124m3.

Graeme Good, Regional Transport Manager at Simulus Logistix in Harare, Zimbabwe, has taken delivery of the vehicles and says they’re doing the job very well!

So well in fact that he has placed an order for a further nine trailers from Serco to be delivered later this year.

Good said Simulus had headquarters in Harare and Cape Town with branches in Johannesburg, Gaborone, Lusaka, Blantyre, Beira and Bulawayo.  Its fleet comprised 45 mainline cross border vehicles and 54 local delivery type units.

He said the smaller trailers would be used to transport potato crisps and other FMCG goods while the interlinks would move mainly disposable nappies into the region.

Good said it was the first time Simulus had done business with Serco and they were very pleased with Serco’s workmanship and service.

Serco Managing Director, Clinton Holcroft, said the trailers were a first for his company.  ‘We designed them specifically for what Simulus wanted and we’re pleased they’re working well. Their fibreglass construction provides good waterproofing and the double doors on both sides makes for easy access.

“We made use of low profile tyres and an underslung suspension to reduce the chassis height and maximize loading volume”.  For this customer the additional volume helps give them the edge.

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