We have arches.

Forgive me for forgetting my age (which I refuse to give away) but allow me to confess the following: on my way home yesterday I saw something that made me shriek, bang my steering wheel and nearly (very nearly) shoot a red robot.

We have arches.

20150626_114702 (Medium)

For months now, we’ve been watching the open space next to our new Virgin Active gym being patiently worked on. We’ve watched the structure pop up. We’ve seen the tell-tale red paint, complimented by the trademark yellow. And this week, it got real.


The world-famous golden arches are up and this, to me (and probably every child in Ballito…possibly some adults, too) means that our McDonald’s is finally a crispy reality. Word has it that the official opening is imminent and I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on a Big Mac, then proudly say I bought it in Ballito. Oh, wait. I’m on a diet. Okay, I’ll have a cheat day. Because who, in their right mind…says no to a McFlurry? Nobody?

Thought so.

20150626_114659 (Medium)

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