I didn’t get my dad anything for Father’s Day…

Piece by Roxanne Daniels – Third Year Rhodes Student and resident FabMags intern 😉 

My dad hates stuff. Well, the kind I can afford to buy him. He likes big toys like jet skis and aero planes and that kind of ‘stuff’ and he can be spotted looking through aviation magazines just for fun, even though he’s not going to buy the little 6-seat fixed wing. Many people identify with fining it impossibly difficult to buy gifts for men; well-my dad is no different. Stationery is ALWAYS a winner along with biltong and nougat but you can only get those things so many times before it becomes boringly expected.

So I didn’t get him anything this year. Apart from the fact that he was on his way to another continent this Father’s Day and the truth is…I will get him a little something when he’s back; I figured out that there were more special things I could give him.

Here are 6 pictures from “21 Father’s Day Cards That are Actually Funny” that helped me this Father’s Day and could help you understand a little better why ‘stuff’ isn’t always appreciated. I know what to do instead.

awesome texts

Dads on social media and Whatsapp and messaging can be quite comical. There is an infamous generalisation  that men are shocking with communication, so when I get a message from dad like “the name is bond, Bruce bond. Licensed to thrill” or “I’m batman”, I need to respond appropriately…perhaps “dad, you would make a better 007 than Daniel Craig”.

if you were a booger

That’s a line that’s been used for other topics, but for dads I think it works best. Fathers can be gross, trying everything to freak out their impressionable children. Why not try to be gross back in effort to connect with your papa? You might give him a pleasant surprise.

right about everything

It’s so easy as a teenager to think that we know everything and dad is just saying those things to annoy me. Well, in retrospect, I’ve realised there’s a whole bunch of times that my dad has absolutely hit the nail on the head, right in the middle. He tries so hard to do what’s best for me, maybe it’s a good idea to affirm his efforts and say thank you. Plus you’ll feed his self-esteem, which could be a good thing.

won't get a tie this year

Unless he asks for the same thing every year (like uncle Norman asking for knitted socks from Aunty Merle for the last decade), it’s a good idea to shake things up a bit. I’m one to talk, always falling back on the same old same old that I know will work. But perhaps a cool card or hand written printed mug will be appreciated.

dad day card

Simplicity works. Certainly for my no-nonsense, plain dad. He’s so plain that it was quite a step for him to agree to patterned dining room chairs for our new house. Moms appreciated frilly flowery cards. Dads like to look once or twice and enjoy reading the words when they do.

i turned out awesome

This is definitely full of pride and puffed up ego on the givers side or is it? Your dad’s job is to try make sure you turn out as a ‘good member of society’. He’s got to do what’s best for you, and most really do try to do this. Telling him you think he did his dad job well, is a great gift.

What interesting things did you do for Father’s Day? Does your dad appreciate ‘stuff’ or not?


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