Wake up call at 5am…Deloitte Challenge fail


So I’m typing a post at 7am in the morning on Workers Day (ironic) which, last time I checked, was a public holiday. You’ve got to know that it takes a lot to get me to write this early in the morning, let alone on a public holiday. So what got me started?

Loud, I mean really LOUD, thumping music at 5am. Yes, I said 5am! We live in a quiet road so I woke up, well jumped up, thinking it was noisy kids parked at the end of the road still rocking from a great night out (I hadn’t checked the time yet, but I saw stars out). After checking it out that wasn’t the case…The music was carrying across the valley from Zimbali. That’s some loud music! After settling the barking dogs, chatting to my now awake wife, who deserves to sleep in on holidays (some brownie points there), I jumped in the car and headed to out to find the noise – did I mention it’s 5am?. It wasn’t difficult to trace it, just leave the car window open – brave the cold Ballito morning air at a crisp 22°C – and follow the super loud, thumping music bellowing across Ballito.

I found it, on the M4, just close to Ashton school. It was still going and there were loads of people on the road! It was the Deloitte Challenge and it’s happening right now here in Ballito…well the music is still going but those running and cycling are on their way to Durban.

I LOVE the idea of events in town. I LOVE that people are active and energetic and want to run or cycle from Ballito to Durban. I LOVE companies like Deloittes getting involved but I really DON’T LOVE being woken up at 5am by the loudest music. Did the event organiser give any thought to blasting music through the holiday town of Ballito on a public holiday? I think not.

Maybe they wondered who would really be affected? I mean it is already 5am and people are ‘almost’ awake right?? What about us less active people who want to enjoy a well deserved sleep in on our day, workers day? What about the families that drove down to be on holiday last night and got into town late? Or those people who worked late last night serving and catering to our towns guests during the holidays? The list goes on.

Don’t think for a second I begrudge those wanting to be active so early in the morning…I think it’s great and we want those people to keep visiting us….but Dear Mr Organiser there is no need to wake us ALL up with such loud music. Really, was that necessary? If you played it at half the volume the cyclist would have still heard it…They got good hearing you know!

You failed, you got people grumpy and you spoilt a good public holiday sleep in. Not cool. Please come back in 2016 but don’t, really don’t, start playing music that early again…that’s a fail.

PS. If there are spelling mistakes and grammer errors in this blog I apologize but I’m off to make my second cup of tea. I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

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