So…how do you make a magazine?

Thousands of people turn the pages of our publications every month.

But very few know exactly what goes into the production of The Ballito and our other magazines; what processes we go through to ultimately produce our titles every month.

This week we had the opportunity to share some background on magazine conception, design and execution with the grade six and seven classes at Darnall Primary School.

20150219_105504 (Medium)

CEO Justin Scott and content guru Jodi van Wyk visited the school on Thursday. They had an interactive session with the bright young learners, with Justin chatting about design and the business aspects and Jodi sharing tips on content generation and creative writing.

We ended with learners conceptualising their very own Darnall magazine, coming up with ideas for stories on global warming, construction, water and electricity problems and the school gala.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were most impressed with these little young minds!

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