Load Shedding: Survival 101

Okay. Here we go, again.

Day two of Load Shedding stage three..or two, which is it, again? There was mass confusion in Ballito yesterday when a second round of load shedding took us by surprise around 4.30pm. Residents likened Eskom’s load shedding schedule to an incomprehensible scribble from a two-year-old and I can’t really blame them…there were mums who needed to cook, businesses that needed to cash up for the day and the traffic went pear-shaped when the robots went buh-bye.

Well, be that as it may. Load Shedding is not going to go away anytime soon, by the looks of it. So, we need to make friends with it. Unless something drastic happens to our power system in the near (like, very near) future, then we have to accept that load shedding is set to become part of our daily existences.

Yesterday, we showed you how we at FabMags HQ dealt with our two hours of darkness (it had something to do with our minion, Ted 😉 Check it our here if you missed it!). Today, we go into phase two – Load Shedding Survival 101: What To Do When The Power is Out.

1. Keep Calm and…no, just keep calm. If you freak out, how is it going to change the situation? Grab a pillow and scream into it, if you must, but understand that you have to just roll with it. You cannot turn the lights back on, so chill.

2. Plan Ahead. Even if you don’t trust the timetable as far as you can throw it, prepare for at least two hours of darkness during the day. If you’re at work, have activities planned that don’t require power. If you’re at home, do the same.

3. If you are plunged into the darkness around suppertime, panic not. Haul out your braai stand and enjoy some wors, tjops and slaai.  For dessert, keep the fire burning and melt some marshmallows.

4. There’ll be no Wifi (yes, hold your chest in agony for five seconds). Gather the family and just talk to each other. You’ll be surprised – hours will go by and you’ll have enjoyed amazing chats and laughter.

5. If you’re alone, read a book. Like, a proper book with pages you can turn – not on your iPad. Find a nice corner and write a letter, or write a journal. Plug in your old phone and make a call to an old friend or, better yet, go and visit them. We don’t do that anymore!

Basically, it all comes down to you. EVERYONE is annoyed and inconvenienced by load shedding, but this is one of those times when you just have to find a silver lining, or you’ll go crazy. Try your very best – light the candles and sing: “Don’t worry…about a thing…’cause every little thing…is gonna be alright…”


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