Load shedding…sigh

There are two words that have become almost profane lately (no, not those ones): LOAD SHEDDING.

This morning, at 8am sharp, Ballito went *poof*; scheduled stage two load shedding, courtesy of our good friends at Eskom plunged the town into two hours of darkness. Although most were prepared, having seen the planned load shed on social media, many were not and were then suitably unimpressed by the two hours of darkness.

Here at FabMags HQ in San Hall Business Park, we took it in our stride – our salesladies plugged in the good, old corded telephone (ages since we’ve heard THAT ringtone), popped out with a few magazines while I trotted around the unusually quiet business park to find out how everyone else was doing.

Ted loved using the corded phone!

Ted loved using the corded phone!

To begin with, there was confusion at the entrance to San Hall as the boom gate was temporarily out of order – kudos to the quick thinking guards to got it open manually. Our neighbours, Real Estate Matters were taken completely by surprise, unaware that load shedding was scheduled.

At Smart Office, most of the offices were covered in a thick, dark blanket – they are subdivided so some have no natural light..eek! Things were pretty organised at Fujitsu, with laptops charged beforehand (clever guys) and battery-operated lights in operation.

Kelly-Jo Rankin and colleagues were still unable to see clients, but were slightly discomforted by the lack of air conditioning. Over at The Headache Institute, systems were completely offline, leaving the Ballito practise out of touch with the branch in Johannesburg…which caused a real headache! The ladies at Pearl Wellness Clinic were decidedly miffed, as they were totally put out and unable to do a thing in the dark, without power.

Nonetheless, I found the time without electricity rather refreshing. We opened the office windows to breathe in some fresh air and listen to the – alright, sometimes frustrating – sounds of traffic whizz by on the M4, we had a great chat among colleagues (not just to fill the silence) and it gave us a break from our laptop screens.

Yes, load shedding is a pain at the best of times, but let’s not let our lives totally melt when the electricity is off. Let’s be proactive – keep abreast of load shedding times by checking the Eskom website daily and keeping in conversation with your neighbours and colleagues. Plan ahead so your production doesn’t totally slow down when the power is off.

If you HAVE to get some work done, try out these spots in Ballito where you should get Wifi and a good cup of coffee:

* Wonderland Coffee at Linc Church Campus

* Beach Hut

* BBM Cafe

Failing all else…get a minion, and make him do your work 😉

Let us know if you'd like to borrow our Minion...

Let us know if you’d like to borrow our Minion…

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  1. Zama Mkize

    19/06/2015 at 22:25

    please send me information on planned loadshedding in Ballito…

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