Coffee and a smile #RAK15

The Random Act of Kindness 2015 Campaign, or #RAK15 for those of us who are social media savvy, has taken South Africans by storm…in a good way.

The campaign encourages citizens to perform a random act of kindness, be it helping someone across the road, paying for groceries at a supermarket or picking up someone’s toll fees at the booth. Once the #RAK15 deed has been done, you must then nominate someone else to keep the chain of kindness going.

FabMags was nominated by ComProp Ballito and we stepped up – armed with steaming cups of coffee and our unique Five Tips for Handling Traffic, we headed down to the intersection between The Well and Ashton International College to make Ballito SMILE!

It was great to watch everyone’s faces switch from sullen, angry expressions to bright, cheery smiles as we handed over coffee and wished them a good day. Just goes to show…a little kindness goes a long way.

Check out the vid of our #RAK15 🙂

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