Every drought ends with rain!

Renowned farmer and preacher Angus Buchan joined our community in lifting their voices to heaven this morning.

Buchan was invited by local farmers to pray for rain, to end the severe drought affecting the Ilembe region and surrounds. The drought has seen rivers in the region drying up at an alarming rate, the imposition of water restrictions and levels in the district drop to around 25 percent.

Farmers (some from as far as Greytown), friends, families and learners stood on the field at Ashton College, praying fervently that God would send  rain.

In his short message Buchan encouraged men in the community to stand up and lead from the front.

“That’s our responsibility. Ask yourself: who are you putting your trust in? We are here to pray against the sin of unbelief and ask our God to do the impossible: send down the rain. He is the Rainmaker and we are His sons!”

Buchan urged the community to believe that rain would come.

“When we are at the lowest point, Jesus can step in. Every drought ends with rain. Prepare yourselves for a miracle!”



  1. Josh

    23/01/2015 at 12:28

    Never thought there would be such a turnout at that time of the morning to pray for rain. Let’s hope the rain comes….

  2. Richard

    23/01/2015 at 14:00

    At a meeting sorry I couldn’t make it. But then ” where two or more are gathered . . . . . .” The rain must surely come soon.

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