Changing a lifestyle with Flux

It doesn’t feel like I’ve taken 20 years to neglect my body, I’m not even sure I can say I feel like I’ve neglected it but when your BMI tells you you’re obese you sort of sit up and take note. There are all the normal excuses I’ve used to justify letting my once chiseled body (remember those good old school days) slip to a point where I struggle to run across a rugby field but the reality is that it’s all my fault. I’ve just not been that committed to my body and that isn’t cool especially if I want to grow old with the woman I love and see my kids grow up and reach the potential that lies within them.

So what have I done? Have I been able to get great intentions to meet with consistent execution? Yes, partly because I must – there is not choice and partly because I have someone helping me. My good friend and conditioning guru, Sean Temple, has all the attributes I have been sorely lacking – he is insanely committed, unbelievably consistent and passionate about helping people just like me to adjust their lives. Sean owns and runs a business called Flux Motion ( and he recently launched a branch at Ashton College (that’s a whole different story on conditioning young sportsman). I was there for the first class and with Sean’s help I’ve been waking up for the 5.30am class three times a week (I’m NOT a morning person!).

It’s early days guys, I wont lie. Five weeks in against 20 years makes you realize there is still a mountain to climb to fix the damage done but, and it’s a good but, I feel like I’m on the way to the top of the world. The classes are pushing me every time I’m there. I’m able to do more at each session and I’m stronger, fitter and more flexible that I’ve been in years. Flux conditioning works for me better than any bench press I’ve ever tried in the past 20 years. I can almost touch my toes, and no bench press ever helped me get close, but Flux has. More impressive is that I can run across that rugby field, in fact I can bunny hop and even lunge across the field…that is to be done in 5 weeks for a guy my size.

I know there are tons of different options out there and I am not a fitness guru. Even if I was I think all of them are great if you are getting off your butt and doing something but for me Flux works. Why? Well because Sean and his team are looking at conditioning differently to everyone else. They understand we don’t all arrive with a six pack and may never get there so they look after you (I didnt say baby you…you gonna sweat!) and make sure you get results.

Thanks Sean and to all those other crazy people who join me at 5.30am in the morning. I’m loving the change in lifestyle and I’m loving Flux.

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