Stop bleating — Ballito beats Jozi hands down!!!

Have you ever taken the time to get a little perspective on life in Ballito? For many locals, life in the idyllic town of Ballito is marred by a bucketful of complaints about the same things that people have to put up with in towns and cities across the country. Life in Ballito really isn’t as tough as we make it out to be, though, and sometimes we just need to consider the myriad ways in which Ballito is so much better than a city like Johannesburg. How, you may ask.

Well, take a read through what follows, which is based on first-hand experience, and then let me know if things here really are so bad. E-tolls. Bang — right off the bat I’ve got your attention and instantly you have to agree that without them life in Ballito is better than it is for our cousins in Jo’burg. There are no gantries or cameras snapping our licence plates and we don’t have to put up with invoices every month charging us for just driving to work. In fact, Ballito will soon have wider, smoother roads without e-tolls to burden us.

Along with e-tolls comes traffic and in our case the real lack of it. Now don’t go confusing the 15 minutes you spend getting out of the heart of Ballito and onto the N2 with traffic. That might be ‘Ballito-style traffic’, but it isn’t like spending hours in your car every day. If anyone has lived in Jo’burg, or commutes, you’ll know the suffering endured in the mornings at the Grayston off-ramp in Sandton, where you can lose 30 minutes in a blink, or trying to get in or out of Fourways in the mornings.The trip from Dainfern to Rosebank would drive us Ballito locals crazy! Everything here on the North Coast is really just 10 minutes away, but we still don’t like to drive. Sage is a quick drive from Simbithi, or you can be at Salties Beach in the same time that it takes to fill your tank. Now consider Jo’burg — coffee isn’t just 10 minutes away and it’s six hours to the beach. The airport is on your doorstep — if you live in Kempton Park — but to get the same quality lifestyle that we have here, you’d need to live on an estate so far from the airport that you need to sleep over the night before just to make your morning flight on time. It’s not like that for us here in Ballito!

Lastly, nothing beats the time we get to spend with family. Yes, we can debate quality over quantity, but I’d like to think that that’s just the excuse that the Jo’burg guys have to use to justify the hours that they work and the time that they spend travelling, all of which keep them away from the most important people in their lives — their families. Down here, we’ve got them both — quality time in large quantities — you just can’t buy that kind of stuff. Still think I’m wrong? Perhaps I am, but more and more Jo’burg families are moving to our piece of paradise to get away from e-tolls, miss the traffic, find a lifestyle that works for them and reconnect with their families. That right there is why we need to stop seeing life in Ballito as so problematic and to appreciate the fact that there is a ton of stuff that we Ballito people don’t need to deal with that folks in Jozi do!

Beach Image credit – Chris Allan Photography

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  1. Diane

    23/04/2014 at 10:26

    It depends what everyone is bleeting about. If its about the extra traffic in season and queues in shops etc then I totally agree with you. Nobody would be able to survive without the season and the volume of holidaymakers.

    If its about the lack of maintenance of tourism infrastructure, or road conditions (pot holes etc), or lack of cleaning and maintenance of verges and beaches etc, then they need to get louder through proper and credible associations. If primary and secondary tourist attractions are not kept top class, your tourism base will go elsewhere. Shopping is not the attraction. A very important factor too is the condition of buildings on the beach front and close by. These landlords should be held responsible to clean them up. They seriously impact on perceptions and first impressions of your primary attraction – the beach.

  2. Glenda

    11/05/2014 at 19:21

    I do agree with you, and also with the reply you received from Diane. A lot of the locals do not appreciate the awesome and beautiful area we live in!!! We are very blessed to live in a place like we do!!! It would be great though if the Municipality could also realise what an awesome area they are in control of and make sure just the minor things (some of them becoming major) are fixed e.g. the increasing size and number of potholes costing the locals money to repair their vehicles, and the ongoing issue of street lights not working which can go on for months and months. Crime is an issue no matter where we live in SA, so a bit of light on the streets would be a help. The promenade is a huge asset to Ballito so I do wish it would be maintained properly. So there are quibbles, but also a lot to be thankful for!!!

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