Matrics of 2013 keep records in the Crawford Stable

The Crawford College La Lucia Matric class of 2013 has re-written the CrawfordSchools™ record books with their outstanding results by achieving 4.2 distinctions per candidate.  The previous record of 4 distinctions was held by the Crawford La Lucia 2012 matrics.  This was an amazing achievement by the 115 students who sat the National Senior Certificate examination.  All 115 students passed with Bachelors Degree Passes, another first in the history of the school.  The outstanding results are testimony to the team effort of the students, parents and staff.

we are very proud to announce that they’ve once again achieved a 100 % pass rate with the following distinction achievements:

10 Distinctions

  1. Mohammad Imran Khan

9 Distinctions

  1. Akshay Soni
  2. Sahil Ram

8 Distinctions

  1. Angelo Kater
  2. Chanté Jansen van Vuuren
  3. Emily Anne Phillips
  4. Jia-Yeu Liu
  5. Kelsey Joanne Rogers
  6. Laivan Pillay
  7. Margie Fan
  8. Morwenna Jane Lintott
  9. Nikkita May Papoutsis
  10. Rushern Ruvashin

7 Distinctions

  1. Ashlee Alexandra van Wyk
  2. Azqa Singh
  3. Megan Loraine Campbell
  4. Phumzile Shandu

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