Seeds To Tree’s – Shloomfy & Lockeroom

Ballito’s business sector is really thriving so, for the next couple editions, we will be profiling those businesses that have been around and running successfully for over 10 years, as well as some that have just started out. Meet our December Seeds to Trees…


SEED – Shloomfy

Owner Debbie Swart

When did you start?

August this year.

What do you do?

We produce designer memory-foam beanbags, which are covered in a range of different, quality fabrics in an assortment of colours. As our name suggests, we are passionate about comfort.

Why did you start this business?

Our family has always dreamed of finding a way that we could work together in a business context. Between us we have a varied range of talents and interests and we make a great team. So, when we caught onto the idea of producing beanbags, we knew that this would be the ideal way to let our dreams take flight.

What do you think your customers want?

Comfort in a way that they’ve never thought to experience it before. We’ve intentionally chosen to steer away from the traditional method of beanbag production, as we knew that, by utilizing memory foam instead of polystyrene balls, we would open up a whole new world of “Shloomfy” to our customers.

Biggest lesson learnt?

Patience is a virtue!

What do you deem to be success?

We personally don’t equate success to finances, but believe that success is having a dream in your heart and letting it take flight, regardless of whether you succeed or fail.

What do you think the cornerstone of your business will be?

Quality and service.

What is your number one rule in business?

Don’t ever let business affect family life!

What are your views on integrity in business?

We believe in bringing personal value systems and morals into our business. A business should be run transparently, honestly and with great integrity, always saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

What words come to mind when you hear the name “Ballito”?

Family. It’s hard to go anywhere in this town without bumping into family and familiar faces. That’s what we love.

What does the future hold for you and your business?

We would love to be able to pass this business down from generation to generation and to hopefully expand internationally.



TREE – The Lockeroom

Owner Richard Young

When did you start?

In September 1997.

What do you do?

The Lockeroom is a health and fitness centre that offers good, old-fashioned training. We pride ourselves on providing our members with a wide variety of exercise disciplines under one roof.

Why did you start this business?

My late wife, Pamela Young, started the Lockeroom. She was in the fitness industry her whole life and Ballito needed a gym.

What do you know that your customers want?

Value for money and friendly, helpful staff!

Biggest lesson learnt?

You cannot please everybody, no matter how hard you try.

When did you know that you were successful?

We moved to our current premises in 2005, hoping to double our membership of 250. When we reached 1500 members, we were extremely proud.

What is the cornerstone of your business?

Being owner-managed and family-run. My late wife had a very specific vision in terms of having personal relationships with our members and always trying to help people where we can. Having each of my four daughters work with me at one time or another over the years, has been a great blessing. My daughter, Domenique, has been with me for over 13 years and is my “right-hand-woman”.

What’s your number one rule in business?

Be honest in all that you do.

What are your views on integrity in business?

You cannot last in business without integrity, especially in a “small” place like Ballito.

What words come to mind when you hear the name “Ballito”?

Local. Community. Support. It is because of the people of Ballito that we have been able to get to 16 years in this industry. They are the anchor of our business – both members and staff. Without them, we have no business.

What does the future hold for the Lockeroom?

Many people have asked us this in relation to new gyms coming to Ballito. All we can say is that we will continue to offer the same value-for-money memberships that we always have, in an environment that cares about its members – not as numbers, but as people.

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