Christmas Stars 2013 – Micky Duncan

In a departure from our usual interview with a local businessperson, this month we profile and pay tribute to three people in Ballito who, we believe, have stood out and made a difference in the past year. All three of our profiled stars exude their own sort of magic and energy, which at this time of the year is synonymous with the Christmas spirit and the joys of the festive season.

Micky Duncan- Veteran Star

What does your daily job entail?

Since my retirement at age 55 I have assisted many businesses primarily as a Marketing/Business consultant. I enjoyed using my experience to help others. I met Trenley Tilbrook CEO of the iLembe Chamber of Commerce (ICCT) who invited me to join the Mentorship panel when it started three years ago.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement this year?

The team of ICCT mentors have bonded to form a great group of very talented “grey haired” senior executives who are happy to share their vast experience.

What are you passionate about?

Helping others! Committed to empowering young business ENTREPRENEURS.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

My old god-father told me when I was a cocky successful young man driving a Mercedes at age 26, “The bigger you become the humbler you become because you will always need people to succeed”.

What does your community mean to you and in what way do you give back to it?  

Innovation and the ability to conceptualise and make a meaningful difference. ‘Differentiate or Die!’

What inspires you?

The new world of work encourages the entrepreneurial mind-set, in that we need to learn to use our imagination to dream up new ideas, challenge assumptions and belief systems to find a better way, and break through worn-out thinking to create new and innovative products and services. This way of thinking is helpful whether you are working for yourself or someone else.

How do you unwind in this amazing place called Ballito?

Enjoy the ocean, family, friends and grand children

“Treat People In The Same Way As You Would Like To Be Treated.” Never Give Up Or Talk Down To People!

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