You’re going to lose money this December

Ballito born technology business MySlips has developed a unique service that looks to save consumers money and reduce frustrations experienced when receipts or proof of purchases are lost or go astray. While this isn’t top of mind through most of the year co-founder Stan Shaw believes that it should be during the shopping season over the December holidays.

Shaw says it is guaranteed that a large number of shoppers will not keep their receipts for gifts, new gadgets or other products purchased this holiday which can result in huge frustration if items need to be returned or repaired. Shoppers are also under a false sense of security when it comes to the Consumer Protection Act and returning items to a store. If the retailers policy requires a proof of purchase and one cannot be presented the consumer is in for an uphill battle that could result in the consumer losing money or having to pay for repairs of defective products.

Many consumers will use credit or hard earned bonuses to pay for their shopping but will not take the 5 minutes needed to look after their till slips. Fortunately MySlips is easy to use for consumers and only requires taking a photo of your receipt and emailing in to an account you have set up. MySlips handles the rest, storing your slips for easy access later. In the unfortunate event of having to display your receipt the MySlip app allows you to present your slip from your smart phone and even offers the ability to email or fax it to the retailer if they need it.

The team behind this smart application have even built in functionality that allows you to know your CPA rights when returning an item during the first 6 months.

The web service costs only R48.00 a year, or about 0.3% of what you will spend on gifts this December.

So why not head over to and register an account. We believe this is one of the smartest apps out there for the holiday season and will definitely stop you losing money and pulling your hair out.


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