Vision 153 2013 Blanket Drive



Vision153 are initiating another Blanket drive this year, based on the fact that the previous years have been such a resounding success. We were able to bless over 1200 folk from our local community with warm blanki’s.

We were fortunate and privileged enough to help SO, SO many more that we had ever anticipated.

Last year we broadened the scope to include soup and socks too – since we are very aware of the affordability issue and will do the same this year!

We aim to collect blankets, soup and socks throughout May, and then distribute them early in June.

There will be about 20 boxes around Ballito where you can drop your donations. FABMAGS/ ESTATE PRESS have a box for you to drop your donations, they are found in Douglas Crowe Road, Silverstone Way, Ballito – where they will be collecting donations on Vision 153’s behalf.

2011….. saw 893 blankets recieved and 2012….. 2000! So let’s make 2500 in 2013

Collections are 14 June. But we Will keep collecting till people stop donating. 

Pep stores have blankets for R39 each — FABMAGS will go buy blankets end of May if you need us to grab for you while we are there please send your donation amount to us and we will do the rest.

If you would be keen to assist, please let me know.  Any questions feel free to drop Lesley a line … 082 550 2182

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