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We are blessed indeed that we have the Alberlito Hospital right here in Ballito. Built six years ago, Netcare Alberlito Hospital, under the inspiring leadership of the GM, Sara Nayagar, cares for the health of our community superbly. We were invited to take a look through the Maternity Ward and get a feel for where all our new Ballito Babes first get to meet their parents and families … This is probably the one part of the hospital were most people plan to end up at the end of a decision to start or to extend their family, therefore it has a positive energy about it. What a special area and group of Nurses who get to spend time with all these special newborns and their Moms.

The hospital has state of the art facilities and is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and endeavours to provide quality care for this community and its surrounding areas. Alberlito Maternity Unit The Maternity Unit at the Alberlito Hospital is a happy and friendly environment where the nursing staff are committed to meeting the physical, psychological and emotional needs of our patients and their husbands or partners. Our goal is to give back to society by ensuring that quality healthcare is delivered in a compassionate, innovative and efficient manner and the unitÕs well-trained and highly experienced midwives are all willing to go the extra mile..

What can we offer?

There is a 15-bed unit with three private rooms and six semi-private rooms. All rooms have their own bathrooms, with either showers or tubs. We have a well-equipped nursery with a large viewing window. We also offer boarding facilities (at a special rate) for mothers who need to stay close to their babies should they be admitted to the Neonatal ICU. There are two spacious and well-equipped delivery rooms, each with a bathroom and shower. We offer scrumptious meals from our menu and have a coupon system in place for boarder moms meals. Emergency care If an emergency occurs in the unit, the maternity staff, as well as the Neonatal ICU staff is able to assist until the paediatrician arrives.

The neonatal ICU is conveniently close, situated in the same area as the Maternity Unit. Emergency care for mothers is also available as there is always a doctor in Trauma Department who can assist until the patients doctor arrives. Special treats Every mother and father gets a special romantic dinner or lunch in a beautiful setting within the unit. Why come to Alberlito? Our Maternity Unit subscribes to the principals of Kangaroo Mother Care and promotes breastfeeding. We strive to provide the highest quality care for our patients, their spouses and the newborns.

We also provide a safe, clean and friendly environment and form part of the multidisciplinary team which contributes to the holistic care of our patients. We would like to invite all expectant mothers to visit the unit and meet the staff. RenŽ Grobler, Unit Manager.

Alberlito Stork’s Nest

If you are an expectant mother, you are vitally alive, and most probably eagerly awaiting that precious moment when you look into the eyes of your baby for the very first time, as Winnie the Pooh said: A grand adventure is about to begin! And at the Storks Nest Mother and Baby Wellness Clinic at Alberlito Hospital Ballito, we provide expecting and new parents with the opportunity to interact personally with health care professionals and gain insight into the wonderful journey that lies ahead of them.

Alberlito Storks Nest Mother and Baby Wellness Clinic franchise owner, manager and Private Nurse Practitioner, Trish Hall and associate Private Nurse Practitioner Janet Strauss offer new parents and parents-to-be a full range of services: Ante natal classes 4D photographic scans of baby Well-baby consultations; Immunisations Post-natal support Breastfeeding support Alberlito Storks Nest complements the services of the outstanding maternity unit, and ensures the highest possible level of care for both parents and baby. Beautification “A mothers joy begins when new life is stirring inside, when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.”

The Maternity Unit at the Alberlito Hospital in Ballito is a very special place, where the moms are truly made to feel special with a special pamper package which includes a Mini Pedi/Manicure. Beautician Primona Venkatsamy is the person tasked with this very special part of the hospitals Maternity Package. She told us that she loves her line of work because she has the patience for it and a great passion for what she does. “I also get to meet new people every day and every treatment that I offer my clients is unique and special.” she says. It is, therefore, no wonder that Primonas pampering leaves the moms feeling relaxed, pampered and beautiful. Her treatments are available to the mums in the Maternity Unit, as well as to the staff at Alberlito Hospital.


     1. Dr Nombuso Mthethwa

What is your speciality? I specialise rather more in obstetrics than gynaecology at the moment and I believe in establishing the best route for delivery for each individual patient. Sometimes that means natural vaginal delivery and sometimes caesarean section. Each patient is a unique individual and I believe that each delivery should take place without unwarranted interference. The motto of one of my teachers was that: no meddlesome obstetrics is warranted. At the end of the day there should be a healthy, happy baby and mother.

Why Gynaecology? I am a woman and I am passionate about womens health and so my answer is, Why not?

What do you love most about your work? Being a part of a womans journey through such a life-changing experience and seeing the joy at the end of it. Also, at times being able to help the journey happen and finally celebrate it with the parents.

Tell us about your most interesting case? There are too many to mention! Hopefully one day you will be able to read my book inspired about my journey with women from all walks of life.

     2. Dr Shafique Sayed

What is your speciality? While it is always a blessing to share in the joy of pregnancy and childbirth, my special interest lies in pelvic surgery. This involves helping women who have a prolapse, leaking of urine, flatus or stools, painful sexual intercourse or other pelvic pain.

Why Gynaecology? Gynaecology is a dynamic field on the cutting-edge of innovative surgical techniques. The most impressive of these are Laparoscopic or Keyhole procedures for treating the common causes of pelvic pain, like endometriosis. Other revolutionary procedures include Endometrial Ablation (which is an alternative to a hysterectomy for treating heavy menstrual periods), or the Essure procedure (female sterilization without any surgical incisions on the body).

What do you love most about your work? It is a privilege to have patients confide their very personal and, to some, embarrassing problems in me and for me to be able to assist them.

Tell us about your most interesting case? A 75-year-old patient needed a hysterectomy and I advised the removal of her uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries through keyhole surgery. I was very pleased with her quick recovery and she was discharged 48 hours after the operation. It is thought-provoking that, without these newer surgical techniques, the patient that would have had the same procedure performed through open surgery (laparotomy) and would have required post-op admission to the ICU and a prolonged hospital stay of up to a week.

     3. Dr Candise Roberts

What is your speciality? I am a obstetrician & gynaecologist. One of my special interests lies in normal delivery & encouraging the natural physiological birth process to unfold. My practice is a 50:50 balance of both mothers to-be and womens health. On a gynaecological front, young women who consult me may be requiring contraceptive advice or have general gynaecological concerns. I also see many older women who have completed their families and those that are entering the perimenopausal period. I believe there is a close link between emotional well-being and health and very often see problems that are manifested by this. From a surgical point of view I enjoy pelvic floor reconstruction in cases of prolapse, hysterectomies and endometrial ablation amongst many other cases. In addition, I have a growing keen interest in uro-gynaecology and laparoscopy.

Why Gynaecology? I was drawn to this speciality due to the wonderful balance of patient-doctor interaction as well as hands on surgery. The women are generally healthy and it is an overall very positive field to be in.

What do you love most about your work? The honour to be present at the miracle of each and every birth. Also the friendships I have developed with my patients of the years. I am truly blessed to be so energized by my work!

Tell us about your most interesting case? No particular case stands out. Every case provides a unique set of circumstances, be it physical or emotional. There is never a dull moment in any given day.

    4. Dr Timothy Berios

What is your speciality? I have two specific areas of interest, firstly Laparoscopic surgery (key-hole surgery) and uro-gynaecology (repair of the female pelvic structures).

Why Gynaecology? As a gynaecologist not only am I involved in obstetrics, which is the delivery of new born babies, but also in uro-gynaecology, which is a relatively new area of medicine.

What do you love most about your work? As an obstetrician I am blessed to have the privilege of bringing new life into the world, together with guiding and informing expectant parents. The gynaecological side of my work allows me to treat a female patient in a holistic manner throughout her feminine journey.

Tell us about your most interesting case? It is difficult to answer that, as I have had so many interesting cases but most outstanding experience was when I was a young medical student, working in the busy labour ward at Baragwanath Hospital and being involved in the delivery of my first baby. It was a life changing moment that I have not forgotten to this day.

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    Hi there … I’ve heard about how great the doctors are .. I would like to enquire about doing a 4d scan.. I’m currently 33 weeks .. Could you also advise on a cash price for the scan and a contact number as to who I can contact to make the appointment … Thank you

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