The Voice – Pumpkin Theatre

The Pumpkin Theatre proudly brings you “The Voice – a truly remarkable insight into the vocal abilities of Danny Fisher.

Danny is well known for his hysterical comedic antics, his big personality, but above all he is known for his giant voice.  Come and be entertained as Danny takes you through his vast vocal landscape and into his unique world of impersonation.  Danny will take you through his musical career and through his real life stories give you an extraordinary insight into his life as a “One of a kind” entertainer.

In this intimate showcase you will be wowed beyond belief as this very talented man creates an uncanny resemblance to artistes like Rod Stewart, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Bill Medley Kenny Rodgers, Nat King Cole, Meatloaf, Elvis and many more with one instrument… his voice.

“The Voice” is every Friday evening & Sunday Matinee show.  Bring the family and let your ears be entertained as ONE man brings you MANY voices.  A not to be missed production that also will have special guest artistes appear alongside Danny throughout the run.



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