Missing Jack Russel

My friends Jack Russell has been missing since yesterday a week. She managed to get out the yard 2 Sundays ago from her home in Salt Rock. She was picked up by a Chubb Security vehicle which then had to respond to a call out in Colwyn Drive. The Jack Russell jumped out the car and we are still looking for her. So far no one has dropped her off at the local vets or the SPCA.

We appeal to anyone seeing a Jack Russell running about to contact the writer as a matter of urgency!

The missing Jack Russell is a white and tan female (more white than tan) with a cropped tail and is a little podgy. She answers to the name Poonchy.

We would be grateful if you can assist in anyway. Understandably her parents are distraught.

Contact: Dierdre 083 707 0680

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