Woolworths a diminishing brand in Ballito

By: Anonymous

A few months back overseas visitors asked me where to shop for good clothes and food in our town, and I told them what my wife has been telling me for the last quarter of a century ” Woolworth’s the best, if you want quality ” and when they returned from the store saying they found neither quality nor quantity, I put it down to their high North American Standards!

Well, “blow me down with a feather” if this is not the sight that greeted me at Woolworth’s at the Lifestyle Centre today, a store I have not visited in over a year. I always thought the branch at the Ballito Bay Mall was an extremely bad advertisement for this group. But there is hardly stock of anything to speak of in this store.

How on earth does a “once” proud organization like Woolworth’s have their name associated with branches like these?



  1. Caroline Waters

    27/02/2013 at 16:03

    Sorry but ever since they announced they no longer employ white people I stopped supporting them totally.

  2. Paolo

    28/02/2013 at 15:42

    Why havent Woolsworths done something about this?

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