Ripped off on Valentine’s Day

Last week my boyfriend and I decided, in true Valentine’s spirit, to go out for a romantic dinner! Well knowing that we would have a few glasses of wine we decided to do the right thing and order a taxi. As you know in Ballito especially ‘Old town Ballito’ everything is a short distance away from each other, I literally live about 3 minutes away from the restaurant we went to, but to my astonishment we were charged a ridiculous price of R80.00 for our taxi fair to get there.

Not even a drive to Umhlanga would warrant that price of petrol. When we disputed the price, the taxi driver said in future we should ask for the price before we order the taxi because the owner tends to make up his own price. So after a lovely evening at The Galley, great service, food and atmosphere we phoned for a taxi – this time asking what the price from A – B would cost – the price was still R80.00, after fruitless bargaining we finally gave up and took the taxi not knowing a number for any other taxi service in Ballito. A Whopping R160 to go there and back!!!

What is scary is that I have used this taxi service going on two years now and each time I get a different price, depending on the owner’s mood! But never have I ever paid R80 to go +- 1.5 Km! Why is it that suddenly on Valentines we are charged exorbitant prices that cannot be justified? I am so shocked and disappointed because I support these guys and in return I get ripped off. To this Taxi company that services Ballito and surrounding areas a word to the wise screw over your locals and we will come back with vengeance! Word of mouth is great but it can also be lethal! Consider your number deleted off a few phones this morning!

What my question to all of you is what other taxi services are there in Ballito? Companies that don’t take the mickey and actually deserve our business! And… that don’t disgrace the name of dolphins….

On a lighter side it was great to see all the restaurants full and festive with Valentines flair last night and well done to all you organised husbands/ boyfriends for getting your bookings in early, as I was hard pressed to find a vacant table in Ballito on Monday already! Way to support the local’s guys!

I hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s Day with your special someone!

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  1. Megan Allan (Harris)

    18/02/2013 at 11:55

    I think that what needs to be taken into account is that they have to get to you, from wherever they are stationed , and then get back to wherever they are stationed(often adding up to 6 kms+ to the trip). They also do this mostly after hours when everyone else is relaxing out or in with family.

    So, they are not just covering a fuel charge, but also covering a service charge (they become inconvenienced for your convenience -that’s a service you’re paying for).

    If they were just there to cover their fuel charge, why else would they be in business?

    And it’s a lot cheaper than a criminal record and a lost life for DUI.

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