Brettenwood Coastal Estate bucks SA Property trends

Although the predicted peak in the South African property market is at least another five years away, investors will already see a steady improvement in market conditions during 2013. Over the past five years, the South African property market experienced short spurts of positive performance, which mirrored periods of declining interest rates. But continued poor performance of the Euro Zone economy, the instability of the government and revised downward forecasts for the Chinese economy have dampened South African growth prospects.

The SA property market in general has reportedly been affected by the downturn, but Brettenwood Coastal Estate seems to be the exception. Contrary to the SA property market trends, Brettenwood Coastal Estate recorded its best sales results in 2012 since the estate’s inception a few years ago.

According to Marketing Manager and Principal Agent of Brettenwood Coastal Estate, Peter Cameron, there appears to be a significantly positive attitude about the estate for a number of reasons, which include: the imminent completion of the main clubhouse, pools and the new Foresters clubhouse; the fact that prices on developers’ land have not been increased since the estate broke ground; the landscaping on the estate reaching its full potential; the fibre optic technology which has added value to re-sale property value; the unblemished security track record with zero incidents occurring on the estate since it was built; the timeless and internationally recognized Frank Lloyd Wright architecture throughout the estate; not having a golf course on the estate which has attributed to increased security and lower levies; and finally, not allowing short term letting on the estate.

In conclusion, Cameron said, “It’s for these very reasons that our sales team are being inundated with requests to view plots and already established homes on the estate. We also expect further record breaking sales in the coming months.” For more information about buying a home or plot on Brettenwood Coastal Estate contact the sales team on 032 5254581 or visit


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