Muggings on the Ballito Promenade

One of the great things about living right next a beach with a promenade is that we can go for a quick jog in the morning or late afternoon, take in the sea breeze and amazing views, whilst still getting a good work out! Well as per usual something so precious has been made rotten… Yesterday 24th of January a lady was mugged on the Ballito promenade whilst taking a walk. A source tells us that the man who mugged her forcefully pushed her down and proceeded to rip her gold necklace from around her neck and sprinted off. Today at around 06:00 the same thing happened where a man pushed down and stole another woman’s necklace all whilst the promenade was teeming with early morning joggers. An eye witness said that a man came sprinting out the bushes followed by a terrified woman with red marks around her neck saying she had been robbed.

Two muggings in two days for simple things such as jewellery! A warning to all Ballito residents, should you go running in the mornings DON’T take any valuables with you – cellphones, iPods, jewellery etc and just to be safe try jog with a friend – you are always better off in groups.

Hopefully from this the beaches will be better patrolled but rather keep your eyes open and your wits about you!

Be wise and keep safe…




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