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When your child is sick, your first concern is to get help and, depending on the issue, how quickly is our next worry, we are blessed indeed that we have the Alberlito Hospital right here in Ballito. Built five years ago,Netcare Alberlito Hospital,under the inspiring leadership of the GM, Sara Nayagar, cares for the health of our community superbly.

We went there to find out more about their Neonatal ICU, Paediatric Ward and their dedicated doctors. While we certainly don’t wish a hospital visit on any of our local residents, it’s reassuring to know that if you or your child ever do need the hospital’s services, you are in good hands.

The hospital is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and provides quality patient-care for the community and surrounding areas.


Focusing on care for those on the Dolphin Coast, this Neonatal Intensive Care Unit aspires to deliver knowledgeable, evidence-based scientific care for all ill neonates at an internationally competitive level. Since its opening in February 2007, the Alberlito NICU is successfully meeting the goals of this vision.

The seven-bed Neonatal ICU is fully-equipped with the latest technology: ventilators, SIPAP machines, continuous monitoring systems and all the medical and surgical equipment necessary to facilitate immediate delivery of the required level of care to your baby in an emergency. It’s most reassuring to know that the heartbeat of the unit is a brilliant, knowledgeable team of paediatricians and neonatal nurses who are available 24-hours a day to provide specialized care for your precious — compromised — little miracle.
The unexpected birth of a sick baby is psychologically and emotionally traumatic. It is an event that no parent is really prepared for and the equipment, machinery and medical terms can be extremely scary and intimidating. We believe in caring for our tiniest, most precious miracles with love and compassion, involving parents in all aspects of care in order to alleviate stress and anxiety. Our focus is, therefore, never solely on survival but also on developmental potential and quality of life beyond the NICU. This has resulted in our team establishing never-ending, unbreakable bonds with many, many parents who regularly arrive to proudly show off “our” babies.

The Alberlito NICU is also a collection and storage point for the South African Breast Milk Bank. We encourage the donation of breast milk, which is invaluable in the prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm babies. Breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact and kangaroo mother care are the unequivocal focus of the NICU. This is in keeping with the Mother Baby Friendly Iniative launched by UNICEF/WHO.

We are indeed privileged to have the opportunity of providing our neonatal services to the local and extended communities. Parents are invited to visit the unit, meet the team and discuss all their concerns. There is always someone to answer your questions patiently and kindly. After all, the total wellbeing of you and your baby is our priority.

Alberlito NeoNatal ICU team


With our little people in mind, the unit has been designed as a ship and has a Nemo theme. All our cubicles have glass partitions which enable the staff to keep an eye on the patients but, at the same time provide the necessary privacy.

We are a 15-bed unit with two private rooms and three isolation cubicles. We have a playroom as well as a procedure room and we also offer boarding facilities for parents who need to rest beside their babies. Alternatively, we offer comfortable “lazy boy” recliners for parents.

The nursing staff of the Paediatric Unit is committed to meeting the physical, psychological and emotional needs of our patients and their parents. This is a way to give back to society by delivering compassionate, quality healthcare in an innovative and efficient manner. We strive to provide the highest quality care for our little patients and their parents. We also provide a safe, clean and friendly environment. Moreover, we form part of the multidisciplinary team which contributes to the holistic care of our patients. We have well-trained staff and the registered nurses are also trained in Paediatric Advanced Life Support.

While little ones are “visiting”, we offer scrumptious kiddie meals from a special menu, as well as a snack box with a sandwich, fruit and a juice for our short-term or day cases. Our moms or the parent staying over are offered free beverages. We have a coupon system in place for the parent’s meals at a very reasonable price. We really do try to make your unplanned stay as comfortable as possible.

If an emergency occurs in the unit, the trauma doctor is able to assist until the patient’s paediatrician arrives or, alternately, the Paed on call for the hospital will oversee the child.

Therefore, we invite all our future little patients to join us on our lovely ship and sail all the way to the land called Health.

René Grobler
Unit Manager


Dr. Roshini Naicker

What is your speciality?
General Paediatrics, with an interest in Neurodevelopment and Nephrology.

Why paediatrics?
I enjoy the challenges involved in communicating with kids and the rewards reaped by seeing the recovery of a really sick child.

What do you love about your “job”?
Relying on my clinical acumen to diagnose rather than a history and my general flair and rapport with kids.

Tell us about your most interesting case?
A four-year-old girl with a problem of “tripping over”. A diagnosis of Krabbes Globoid cell Leucodystophy was clinched on stereotactic brain biopsy within seven months. This case posed a tremendous challenge, not only scientifically/medically, but emotionally, because of the devastating prognosis. She survived for six years with severe progressive mental and physical deterioration. Sadly, she passed away following a stormy course in the Paediatric ICU at Duke University in the United States despite having chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

Dr Adele Bekker

What is your speciality?
I am a General Paediatrician, with a particular interest in nutrition and preventive health.

Why paediatrics?
I have always enjoyed interaction with children. Paediatrics allows me to combine my love for science with my love for children. It is particularly satisfying to be part of the decisions that steer a child’s life in the direction of optimum potential and vitality.

What do you love about your “job”?
Many aspects of Paediatrics fill my days with joy. One small joy is the “art” of luring a nervous, apprehensive little one out of her shell and watching her personality shine through as the consultation is transformed into a “play-play” experience. I also appreciate the warmth with which many families welcome me into their private circle as together we explore family dynamics and the health options that will benefit their child and often the whole family.

Tell us about your most interesting case?
I spent several years of my career in a local provincial hospital where the variety and severity of diseases are staggering. One particular patient manifested with an unusual combination of infection sites caused by an organism called Cryptococcus Neoformans. This had never before been described in the medical literature and a colleague and I were privileged to be able to publish a report on this patient’s condition in an international medical journal.

Are you based full time at Alberlito?
I am part of a dynamic practice of three dedicated paediatricians which allows me to work part-time without compromising the care my patients receive as there is always one of my colleagues available to stand in, in case of an emergency. It is a privilege to spend time with my own three children and still be able to continue with the career I am passionate about.

Dr. Kamendran Pather

What is your speciality?
I am a Specialist Paediatrician that offers a full time paediatric service encompassing Neonatal care, General Paediatrics and Adolescent medicine exclusively at Netcare Alberlito Hospital.

Why Paediatrics?
Paediatrics is one of those fields that demands a lot of time and energy, but by virtue of your dedication and commitment towards advocating for childrens health, it inevitably becomes one of the most fulfilling vocations in life. It’s no secret that taking care of the health of our children will ensure a healthy future for them as adults. Children in their tender years are unable to appropriately communicate their symptoms, thus some of their problems, can pose quite a diagnostic dilemma, and I must admit, I do enjoy rising up to the challenge.

What do you love about your job?
Seeing the joy and happiness in a child once he / she has recovered from a nasty illness, is priceless. And having to witness the birth of a newborn always makes me euphoric, and I actually feel as though I have been blessed by God to be able to help one of His children arrive safely into the world (with the help of our esteemed Obstetricians of course).

Tell us about your most interesting case?
All my children are interesting, from the child who comes in for a well baby check, to the child who has the most unusual and bizarre condition. What interests me, is the fact that whenever I attend to a child, I am so pensively reminded that this little one, is an embodiment of the love of two beautiful people.

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“At Netcare, our core value and product is “CARE”. We know that we see most of our patients at their most vulnerable,when they are most anxious, in pain or at one of the lowest points in their lives.

Thus, at Netcare Alberlito we strive to deliver safe, quality healthcare of the highest standard so that we are able to restore our patients’ dignity and health, thus allowing them to resume their rightful places back in the community and their families. With this as our driving force, we understand fully that bringing your child into a hospital is extremely stressful and we assure you that we strive not only to meet your clinical expectations, but also to ensure that you remain comfortable and reassured during the entire journey through our facility. At Netcare Alberlito, you can trust that you and your loved one will be in “safe hands”. GM, Sara Nayagar



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  1. Yeshni

    01/02/2016 at 13:10

    Dr pather is truly and awesome docter we travel from pinetown to see him his ways and just simply the time he takes to see to our child is the one factor that sets him apart.

    We will keep going back to him.

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