Profile Friday | Meet Nic Jordan

Nic Jordan is a true local, having lived here since he was 6 years old. His recent project, Holla Trails, has become a common destination for cyclists from all over the country. Spotted having coffee at local coffee shops around Ballito Nic always has a great story and big smile, we get to know just a little more about him in profile Friday.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a father of three awesome boys (Luke 12, James 9 and Ryder 3) and husband to Kerry Jordan. I love adventure especially on my mountain bike. I have a passion for living life to the full and love to quote my favourite saying: “Suck the marrow out of the bone that is life.”

What do you do for a living?

I used to be just a passionate sugar farmer but in the last 6 years, I diversified and now include making compost and growing instant lawn under my brand Living Earth in my daily activities. Even more recently I started Holla Trails with the assistance of the local farming community.

How long have you stayed/worked in Ballito?

Since I was 6 years old.

Best place for sun-downers in Ballito, on a Friday afternoon, after a hectic week?

My veranda looking over the canefields all the way to the sea – can’t be beat.

Your top 3 venues or places in and around Ballito?

Tinley Manor beach (the private one),

Name 3 places where you would take an international guest or out of town friend in South Africa?

Mkhambathi Game Reserve Transkei, (Northern Wildcoast). Spectacular place with no people and waterfalls falling into the sea. A jump from the caves and swim under the waterfall at Hagars Rock is a must. Rorkes Drift and Cape Town would have to be the next two.

What is your best spot to get away from it all less than 2 hours away from home?

Yellow Route, Holla Trails on my mountain bike – stress and worries evaporate.

If you could have any 3 people around for a splash-out meal at your home, who would you invite ?

Chris Martin from Coldplay, Prince Harry and Bart Simpson.

Who would you like to see profiled on Profile Fridays?

Conrad Nalson –coolest chap on the North Coast.

Quick Questions:
Favourite Sports Team Sharks

Best place to spend R50 Zululand Cycles

Favourite Car (even if it’s a dream car) Aston Martin

Blackberry or iPhone Samsung Galaxy S111

Your top 3 fav websites,

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