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Ballito News | February 1, 2015

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Prime Circle rocks the house at Botanical Gardens!

Prime Circle rocks the house at Botanical Gardens!
  • On 27/03/2012

Photo's by: Louis John van Rooyen

Sunday (25 March) saw the return of the internationally recognised band, Prime Circle, to the Durban Botanical Gardens for the start of the Old Mutual Music at the Lake series! The weather was perfect and thousands of eager fans flocked to the gardens in anticipation to welcome back the legendary Prime Circle band. As we arrived, carrying our complimentary tickets (as if that wasn’t enough!) we were given a basket filled with snacks, a press kit and a signed Prime Circle CD. We made our way through crowds and crowds of people to find a spot with a good view of stage which, however, meant that we were in full sunlight, but it was definitely all worth it in the end! 

The atmosphere at the Botanical Gardens was amazing. What could be better than spending your Sunday outside in nature with great friends and watching brilliant bands? I brought 3 mates along, one of them being a photographer (Louis John) who didn’t waste too much time before pulling out his camera and start snapping away at anything and everything picture worthy. First band up was Holiday Murray, a four-boy band from Cape Town. They started the show and really got the crowd roaring and ready for Prime Circle — their sound is awesome, almost a folk/rock type feel, and their performance was exceptional — a great testimony to true South African talent! They definitely seem very at home on stage and love interacting with the crowd, which really helped when warming up for an established band such as Prime Circle.

By the time Holiday Murray had finished their set, the sun was at its hottest and there was a desperate need for water, so a word to the wise — bring lots of water and ice because, once you’re there, it gets a bit tricky trying to get more when the stalls are sold out and the kiosk is closed (and it’s a ‘helluva’ long walk in that heat)! Nevertheless we managed to get to the kiosk in the nick of time and, with seven bottles in hand; we were ready for Prime Circle to blow us away!

As the rock band made their way on stage people started racing to the front to get a close-up view, as well as to get their rock on. The band’s stage presence was exhilarating — they really draw the crowd in and get them going and their sound is utterly phenomenal. It’s hard to believe that it is live because it is just so good — it’s hard to explain in words! Never before have I seen so many hands in the air and people mouthing every single word to every single song! They definitely do not have a short fall of fans in Durbs. It was truly inspirational to see so many people unite in support of a proudly local band. After their three-week-long, Three country, 12 Cities Out of Africa Tour Prime Circle pulled out all the stops to give a kick-ass homecoming performance. From old to new, they played the best of their albums and rocked the house like I have never seen before. Both the band and the fans fed off each other’s’ energy, which really added to the momentum and ambiance of the show.

At the end of the show, the inevitable “We want more” began to grow louder and louder until the band made their dramatic return and everyone started shouting and screaming as if it were the last trump. Everyone stood — and I mean everyone, old, older, young and younger — and arms were thrown into the air.  As the chorus began, the whole arena started jumping and singing their hearts out. It was, as promised, a TRULY BRILLIANT PERFOMANCE!

Next up on the list for Old Mutual Music at the Lake series is the renowned Parlotones which should be equally as epic so don’t delay get your tickets ASAP…

A big thank you to Total Exposure for the tickets and a wonderfully eventful day to be remembered! And to Louis John van Rooyen for the great pics he took for us.



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