Dropping Walls into place at The Quarter

The skyline is changing once again in the Ballito Business Park as the construction of the Quarter makes progress. This morning the profile of the site changed somewhat as a large crane lifted 18 ton slabs of concrete into position on site. The slabs are the paneled walls of the building and are part of a Tilt Up method of building used by local development company JNM Construction, headed up by Brent Youens

JNM Construction’s Tilt-Up division developed out of a project done for LG Electronics.  Having noted the success of the tilt-up method internationally, JNM in association with Tilt Up  Technologies Pty (Ltd), evaluated the suitability and viability of the construction method under  local conditions and built a 6 000m2 warehouse premises in 2003.

Upon completion of the development the success was irrefutable.  The project was delivered within budget and the construction time was 30% less than that predicted had conventional construction methods been used. Since then JNM Construction has designed and erected:

  • Repo Wild, a 1200m2 industrial complex comprising mini-factories in Ballito Industrial Park
  • McCall’s Patterns Warehouse, 1200m2 including the warehouse space and front offices in Ballito Industrial Park
  • Delaval, 3000m2 warehouse space in Westmead
  • Freddy Hirsh, 4 000m2 warehouse space also in Westmead
  • Pinnacle Park, a 1 600m2 office complex in Ballito Industrial Park
  • plus, Meadowbrook Park, a 1 800m2 mini-factory development in Ballito that is currently under development

While hardly a new process in construction, tilt-up has really made its mark in the 20th century, largely attributed to the development of concrete consistently being reinforced with rebar, the availability of ready-mix concrete, and the development of the mobile crane. Used extensively in the post-War booming Unites States to build warehouse styled factories, tilt-up has gained in popularity, refinement and creativity.  In 1986 the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) was created in the Unites States to establish processes and standards to ensured continued growth in quality and acceptance for this method of construction.
Tilt-up has been used in buildings as large as1.7 million square feet, with individual panels reaching as high as 91 feet and weighing 150 tons.  In the United States, as reported by the TCA, 15% of all industrial buildings were created using tilt-up construction.  Given its success in the United States, builders in Australia, Mexico, Canada and more recently in South Africa are increasingly using this method.

We look forward to more develop from the innovative team at JNM Construction!

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