Profile Friday: Meet Lindy Naidoo

Recently a new General Manager took over at Ballito’s Caledon hotel, Lindy Naidoo. Lindy is making her mark in and around Ballito and we got to learn a little more about this passionate mom who loves what she does.

Tell us a little about yourself Lindy.

I’m Lindy Naidoo, I’m 38 years old and have been in the hospitality industry for the past 13yrs. I started out in the industry as a receptionist and have worked my way up through the ranks. I am also, perhaps more importantly, a single mom with an amazinf 15yr old son. My passions are simple, they’re my son & my job and I try to juggle both as best as I can.

What do you do for a living?

I am the General Manager at the Caledon Botique Hotel in Ballito.

How long have you stayed on the North Coast?

For the past 8yrs. I grew up on the North Coast with my grandparents & returned 8 yrs ago. The reason for my return is so I could introduce my son to the area that I grew up in. I prefer the North Coast for the serene, peaceful & endless green that is all around us.. There is definitely no traffic, which is a big PLUS. The class of people is of its own kind. Everyone is ready to assist with a huge smile no matter what. If I could I would definitely retire in the North Coast.

Tell us something we may not know about you?

My biggest fear is failing,my pet hate is people that lie to me and if & when I have a spare moment I love being involved in charitable work.

What is your best place to get away from it all less than 2 hours away from home?

JOZINI TIGER LODGE – it is situated in a place overlooking a stunning dam, where you can have sundowners or a party on a stunning boat or simply cruise the area. The hotel have their own in house spa,staff that are ready to assist with anything at anytime. The cuisine is definetly one of its kind. The rooms are exceptional & tastefully done. You have to see it, experience it to appreciate it. It sounds odd that I’d want to get away to a hotel when I work in one all day, but it’s all about the pampering!

Favorite place to have a good meal on the North Coast?

GREEN FOOD STUDIO at Caledon – Food is excellent, presentation of meals is phenomenal, open plan kitchen, so you are allowed to watch the chef prepare your meal, or to simply go up to him & place your order personally, the staff are friendly, willing to go the extra mile. The atmosphere & uniqueness of the restaurant is one of its kind….and I know this because its part of “my” hotel and I have a vested interest in it!

Best place for sun-downers on the North Coast, on a Friday afternoon after a hectic week?

Hops & Barley. Perfect atmosphere with the sea – I love the beach. It is also buzzing.  Prices are affordable.  Closer to home as well

Your top 3 places on the KZN North Coast?

Canelands Beach Club, Visting Club Venture, Beirra Alta

Name 3 places where you would take an international guest or out of town friend in South Africa?

Ushaka Marine World in Durb’s, to visit the Kruger National Park for the BIG FIVE and definitely Cape Town…well because its Cape Town.

If you could have 3 people around for a splash-out meal at your home, who would you invite ?

Joann Strauss, a successful business women, a mentor, a go getter, someone that knows how to attract people. Always out there willing to help. Haroun Hansrot, a successful Indian designer, his designs can compare to international designers. He also brought on board less fortunate women, who he trains & assists with their designs, which he markets for them, by including all their designs & introducing them on his fashion shows.  Alan Vels, our MD.  He has shown me that nothing is impossible in the hospitality industry. He is a go getter, with a vision. His passion & determination is contagious. I would love to follow into his footsteps by becoming an MD one day.

Who would you like to see profiled on Profile Fridays?

ALAN VELS my inspirational MD


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