Profile Friday : Meet Lorinda Scott

This Friday we get to meet local publisher, business woman, mother and wife, Lorinda Scott. Lorinda has become a well known figure in the community after founding local business, Estate Press. 4 Years later she continues to live life and run her business the same way she has always done, with Faith and Passion.

Hi, I’m  a 30 something born and bred KZN’er. I am happily married, for 17 years now (saying it softly as my kids say it makes us sound “old”), to my childhood sweetheart Justin and we have an amazing 22 year long story. We have 3 GORGEOUS kids, Ceagan is 13, Roxy is 10 and Datin is 7 years old. I’m passionate about my family, my friends and my spirituality and our church! I’m also passionate about being there for people when they need it – I believe that is my calling in life – to just “be there” for people when they need someone because what we all need in life is a shoulder, a friend or a kind word or gesture. I think too many people actually forget to care about others and we all need it.

What do you do for a living? I started a little “part time”, side line business doing estate based magazines four years ago. Well that little side line” jobbie” has turned into a very busy magazine business that does estate based magazines, our own branded magazines and magazines under license. The Ballito magazine is a big feather in our cap which we are really proud of and we also design the McMurrays property magazine. We LOVE what we do and don’t profess to be “professionals” but we are passionate – really passionate – and I believe our readers have picked up on that and we gauge it through the compliments that are ongoing. We are truly blessed that this little idea has turned into what is now a family run business ( I LOVE WORKING with my husband) and with truly amazing staff !

How long have you stayed on the North Coast? We have been here for 6 years now – and still loving it ! Everyday we really try to remember how blessed we are to live here, work here and be truly happy.

Tell us something we may not know about you? I must admit I don’t really have any fears, I choose not to have. I love living, and love living life, I love cooking for big groups of people around Easter and Christmas and well just any old excuse finds me in the kitchen, doing a good old traditional roast meal. I guess doing a roast is most peoples biggest fear, lol, for me it is my happiest time! I’m an avid natural birth supporter, especially informing woman that we have options, we should trust our bodies and that water birth is an amazing experience – everyone should try it.

What is your best place to get away from it all less than 2 hours away from home? I love the midlands and we found a little place in the middle of nowhere in the Underberg area that only has one cottage, we love visiting there when we can. Does flying 2hours away count ? if so .. Nambiti game reserve ! love that …

Favorite place to have a good meal on the North Coast? Mamma G’s, any of their food and of course that fantabulous sangria.  Lunches at Coffeeteria rocks ! ..

Best place for sun-downers on the North Coast, on a Friday afternoon after a hectic week? Sangria at Mamma G’s – till late ! It is probably the one thing restaurants could advertise a bit more here locally as alot of people do their own sun downers on the beach … now a restaurant serving you would also be great ! La Montagne I guess is the closest thing to sundowners served on the beach!

Your top 3 places on the KZN North Coast. These could be a restaurant, accommodation, hobby etc.? No Mamma G’s are not paying me to say this .. they just are one of my fav’s ! 2) Any spa – love the relax pamper things – 3) My house.

Name 3 places where you would take an international guest or out of town friend in South Africa? Ushaka, a game reserve somewhere close and Zimbali .. and of course… lol, no I won’t say it! (Ed: we assume Mamma G’s)

If you could have 3 people around for a splash-out meal at your home, who would you invite ? I guess most people would think celebrities here, but me, it would just be my closest friends, my Dad and of course my family (ok so that is a little more then 3 – but I did mention I don’t do small gatherings !)

Who would you like to see profiled on Profile Fridays ? Hugo … lol (well not a bad idea). Anyone interesting really, the hard part here is the people I would like to read about here are the same people I still want to read about in the Ballito mag! So once they are “out there” in the Ballito mag then I think it would be nice to follow it up with these questions as they are “real” and I think interesting .. so people can get further insight into already interesting North Coast people !


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