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Ballito News | January 27, 2015

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Greenline, a new TV series, launches at Hotel Izulu

  • On 31/01/2011

‘Greenline’ is the exciting new 26 part television series featuring South Africa’s leading eco-journalists and producers, Michelle and Riaan Garforth-Venter, which premiers on Sunday 20 February 2011, on SABC 3 at 16.30. These eco-warriors will share the latest information available on the market about green consumerism.

Joining the team for this series is former engineer turned successful Actor, Luthuli Dlamini who also embraces the green living concept. Heading up the ‘Do-It-Green’ team, which is part of the Greenline format, are Riaan Garforth-Venter, South Africa’s very own DIY guru and Max Thongani, the Picasso of paint techniques, who will show viewers step-by-step on how to ‘Do-It-Green’ (as opposed to Do-It-Yourself) projects such as recycling and how to re-use in and around the home making it safer for the whole family.

This team of green heroes are on a new quest to educate and entertain South Africans on how to live a more sustainable and greener life and at the same time save on monthly budgets in a practical, easy to follow format, which is relevant to South African households. Viewers will not only be educated on how to become a green ambassador in their own surroundings, but also how to start shopping with a green eye.

Many people want to start living a green life but are confused by the avalanche of information being presented to South African consumers which is very conflicting and many companies mask themselves with a ‘green exterior’ without being 100% green compliant.” says Michelle Garforth-Venter.

Our environment and all the creatures that live within it are dependent on us making responsible development choices. In fact, the future of the human race depends on the decisions we make on this generations ‘watch’. We only have one planet to call home.” states Riaan Garforth-Venter.

We will be doing all the research and ground work on the so called green products out there, thus cutting away all the layers and finding out which products are truly green to the core.” says Luthuli Dlamini.

Comments Max Thongani, “It’s exciting to be part of the eco-revolution that is spreading across South Africa and passing on the facts that we’ve learnt, over the last few years, to the public who are hungry to learn more about how to save our future.”

The 26 episodes presents topics on home – garden – food – drink – electrical goods and being eco-aware in the office, plus travel – transport – fashion and skincare. The show has been created with today’s lifestyles in mind produced by South Africans for South African homes.

The show will dispel the myth that going green might seem overwhelming at first but making sustainable and educated choices will have a favourable impact on our own lifestyle, immediate environment, finances and overall wellbeing.

Powered by the headline sponsor ESKOM, this 26 part series will be screened on Sunday afternoons at 16:30 and will engage viewers by answering questions they may have about incorporating green living into their lifestyle. These are just a few of the episode topics to be covered in the series. The sub sponsors are Dept. of Water, Dept. of Environment and AVIS. To keep viewers updated and informed regularly in between the weekly episodes an interactive Facebook site is available for direct questions, comments and suggestions for the Greenline team

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